Pokemon Godra Download (Remastered Version)

Pokemon Godra

Pokemon Godra Remastered Version is a RPG Maker XP fan-made Pokemon ROM Hack that has many new features and characters that will inspire you to play and download.

Download Pokemon Godra RPG Maker XP Game

Creator: BubblyBuizel
Language: English
updated: December 28th 2022

Pokemon Godra game features features that require you to traverse the region by blazing a path based on your choices and playstyle. This game developed by fans is still being updated. So if you decide to play it, make sure to save regularly as the game may drop out. It has an interesting concept that you might want to try.

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Pokemon Godra game takes place in the region of Godra. The course of the story depends on how you do it. You can choose to start out in highly militarized West Godra, be a good soldier and climb the ranks. The other option is to start in East Godra, where the Pokemon trainers aren’t as tightly controlled and you can make your own way.

You can choose to become an elevated trainer or whatever is available in the game. That’s the appeal of Pokemon Godra, where you can play however you want.


  • Choose to start from West or East Godra
  • Carve your own path through the decisions that you make
  • Take up jobs and become a character with a profession
  • 128 Starter Pokemon to get (random/based on answers)
  • Gen 1 to 6 Pokemon available
  • Certain Legendary Pokemon available
  • Different locations depending on where you area (West or East)



Keep in mind that this is not a finished game but a work in progress. This game is still full of unimplemented content, loose ends and BUGS. Please make copies of your savegame regularly to avoid losing all your progress if you run into one.