Pokemon Fuse White 2

Pokemon Fuse White 2

Pokemon Fuse White 2 is a NDS Rom Hack based on Pokemon Volt White 2 made by Drayano. Available in English OR in French.

Download Pokemon Fuse White 2 NDS Rom Hack

  • Name: Pokemon Fuse White 2
  • Based on: Pokemon Volt White 2
  • Remade by: Didus (Baggafix)
  • Version: 1.1
  • Updated: June 28, 2021

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  • 649 fusions (some with alternate forms like castform, sawsbuck, arceus, …)
  • Available in English OR in French
  • Every Pokemon (from bulbazaur to calyrex) is fused at least once. This includes alternate forms like alolan, galarian, …
  • Every type combination (mono type included) is represented by at least one fusion in its last evolution stage
  • There are some fusion with mega pokemon
  • Some easter eggs (with the fusion’s name or their look)
  • Drayano’s changes to overworld legendaries, TMs, …

This version is meant to be randomized since I don’t have edited Fusion moveset and trainer teams yet.

Everything is explained in the readme.txt. Make sure you read it.

What’s New in Version 1.1

Bug fix for fusions :

  • wrong base stat
  • wrong abilities
  • evolved into the wrong pokemon




  • MikuGoya, Likouns, Victistar, Tracker, EcranPlasma, Friskette, Laxofirm, Nékrami, Anthomrtrx, Brahim, Dronia, Mxt dog, Mega tree ho-oh.
  • Special thanks to all these spriters :)
  • All their work represent around 50% of the Fusiondex
  • Drayano That made a huge work with pokemon Volt white 2
  • All the smogon.com spriters that made 5th gen style sprite for 6th gen pokemon and above (LeParagon, King of the x road, N-Kin, G.E.Z, Blaquaza, Princessofmusic, TheAetherPlayer, …)