Pokemon Radiant Topaz

Pokemon Radiant Topaz 

Pokemon Radiant Topaz is a Fan-game by LilMissCodeMonkey with many new features and functions, such as attributes for our character. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated in Oct 27, 2023.

Download Pokemon Radiant Topaz Fan-Game

Creator: LilMissCodeMonkey
made in: RPG Maker
Version: Pokemon Radiant Topaz v1.0.0
Updated: Oct 27, 2023

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Welcome to Aurore! In this new Pokemon region, you’ll explore something never seen before: a vanilla-style game! Play through a classic Pokemon adventure where you’ll catch Pokemon, collect eight gym badges, defeated the evil Team Nox, and become the Pokemon League Champion! Radiant Topaz is a Completed Pokémon Essentials v20.1 fangame, designed to include modern features from the community in a short and simple game. With just over 15 hours of content, speed-up functionality, and plenty of novel features to customize your team, it’s a fun adventure that you can replay whenever you get the itch to play Pokemon.


You play as a young trainer starting their journey to the Pokemon League, with a mysterious past and a surprising amount of experience. After choosing and catching your first pair of starters, you quickly meet Team Nox, an evil organization spreading Shadow Pokemon across the Aurore region. Inspired by Pokemon XD, you’ll get to experience peak 2005-era edginess. You’ll snag and purify Shadow Pokemon while trying to figure out their connection to the Mega Evolution phenomena. Team up with Prof. Oak, this region’s Prof. Ginkgo, and the greatest trainer of all time Miror B. to stop them, while completing your gym challenge and making your way to the Pokemon League. Also Try Pokemon Run And Bun.


  • A world of Double Battles Based on Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD, nearly every battle in Radiant Topaz is a double battle. Play through a world that forces you to build a more dynamic team.
  • Shadow Pokemon Battle and snag Shadow Pokemon from other trainers, Pokemon with their hearts’ sealed to give them type advantage against everything else at the cost of their ability to level up. Experience a greater challenge as you battle against Team Nox, who’ve figured out how to Mega Evolve their Shadow Pokemon to create a challenging gauntlet.
  • Level Lowerer Ok I’m going to be honest with you, this is 90% of the reason why I made my own Pokemon game. Radiant Topaz allows you to lower your Pokemon’s level whenever you like. No cost, no item needed, just lower that level. If you’re tired of Pokemon becoming a “Press A” simulator in the late-game, this is for you! There are also level caps, which can help keep things challenging, but this lets you adjust the difficulty curve whenever you need to.
  • BST Changer Towards the end of the game, you can find some side content that unlocks a way to change your Pokemon’s Base Stat Total! If you’ve ever wanted a Sunkern with the stats of a pseudo-legendary, this is the game for you.
  • Permanent Megas Once your Mega Evolution-capable Pokemon reaches level 80, it will permanently evolve into its mega form. As its own species, it will have a unique name and no longer require a mega stone, allowing you to have a full team of overpowered Pokemon.
  • Community Fakemon I’ve tried to include as many Fakemon from the community as I could. If it has full sprites available, and if I found it in my random searching, I’ve tried to include it here.
  • Custom Pokemon There are also completely original Fakemon I made myself! They’re… functional! Their sprites are pretty rough, but I hope they help you build interesting new teams. I tried to focus on using previously-unseen type combos, and making less common combos, abilities, and evolution methods more available. I started working on this in 2022, so some of these were already made redundant by Scarlet/Violet…
  • Overworld Pokemon You’ll see Pokemon wandering the overworld as you explore Aurore! They’ll spawn in grass, caves, on the water, everywhere you’d expect them in a modern Pokemon game. This will help you spot those tricky roaming legendaries, and your lead Pokemon will keep you company!
  • Encounter Density The other main reason I made my own Pokemon game, I like to play with a different team every time. I have done my best to make every route in this game as unique as possible. Expect at least a dozen encounters on each, and you’ll almost never see those Pokemon again later on. Between wild encounters and snagging Shadow Pokemon, every normal Pokemon in the game is available (as of the Teal Mask). The only ones missing are most of the legendaries, though I tried to cram in as many of those as I could. You’ll also get chances to use rare Pokemon before the late-game, including Ultra Beasts, Hisuian Forms, and even some legendaries.
  • Boring mechanics removed I’m not saying they’re bad, but I personally don’t enjoy some of these mechanics. You won’t need any HMs besides Surf (Fly is available!), you don’t have to use any fishing rods, and items in the overworld aren’t invisible.
  • Accessible Evolutions Every Pokemon can evolve in this game! You don’t need to trade Pokemon, evolutionary stones are plentiful, and you can get Paradox Pokemon through a new pair of stones.


10/27/2023 v1.0.0 Release

  • First major release!




Pokémon Essentials, version 20.1

  • Flameguru, Poccil (Peter O.), Maruno

With contributions from:

  • AvatarMonkeyKirby, Marin
  • Boushy, MiDas Mike
  • Brother1440, Near Fantastica
  • FL., PinkMan
  • Genzai Kawakami, Popper
  • Golisopod User, Rataime
  • help-14, Savordez
  • IceGod64, SoundSpawn
  • Jacob O. Wobbrock, the__end
  • KitsuneKouta, Venom12
  • Lisa Anthony, Wachunga
  • Luka S.J.,
  • and everyone else who helped out
  • mkxp-z
  • Roza
  • Based on “mkxp” by Ancurio et al.

RPG Maker XP

  • Enterbrain


  • The Pokémon Company
  • Nintendo
  • Affiliated with Game Freak

This is a non-profit fan-made game No copyright infringements intended, Please support the official games!