Pokemon Viva Las Vega (GBA) Download

Pokemon Viva Las Vega

Pokemon Viva Las Vega is a GBA ROM Hack by Jaizu based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. And it is now available to download.

Download Pre-Patched Pokemon Viva Las Vega GBA ROM Hack

  • Creator: Z-nogyroP
  • Version: February 18, 2021
  • Hack of: Pokemon FireRed
  • Updated: February 18, 2021


Pokemon Viva Las Vega is a “386” hack by Vega. Everything is available before postgame. Many Pokemon have also been altered to make them more usable as many of the postgame Vega Fakemon are pretty bad. Some have new Gen IV+ abilities, and things are generally more accessible – for example, the fire starter no longer needs to evolve to get flamethrowers.

The difficulty has also been worked on: the level curve is much flatter, and the bosses are much more sensible. Something like that. Shuckle left the gym. It’s all in the documents.

TMs are also more widely available, and there are some quality of life changes, such as: B. The department store sells pre-postgame sun and moonstones, the elite sells 4 revives and full restores, and an NPC sells all TMs.

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Other notable things:

  • HMs are less bad.
  • Pokemon that got updated sprites in Procyon/Deneb got them here too. That’s nice because the original Infiris sprite is really great.
  • Trades have been revised.
  • The obedience levels have been changed so that the trades are usable.
  • In Seafin City you can get the Procyon/Deneb launcher which is weaker than the one you picked.
  • The Moves Relearner is free.
  • Grass has been added to Junopsis City, and several locations such as Perimeter Labs and the Tower of Darkness now have encounters.
  • All puzzles of the original have not been changed. Excuse me.
  • TM19 Venom Leaf has been replaced with Drill Run, TM49 Feather Dance has been replaced with Sleep, and the Digging Tutor is now Super Power.

New compatibilities

drill barrel
Taillow line, Diglett line, Skarmory, Nido-F line, Nido-M line, Buizel line, Pineco line, Cloyster, Yunesis, Hitmontop, Rynos line, Rhyhorn line, Rollder line, Blitzune, Kapwondo, Grindon Line, Larvitar Line, Gible Line, Laquagon Line, Zapdos, Moltres, Lylapse, Ganymede, Nemea, Mew, Patroleo Line, Katuna Line, Rivird Line, Switza, Modra Line, Rubball, Coruda, Coraga, Droudrop Line, Dvaarak, Billserk, Pinsir Line, Ekans Line, Spinarak Line, Relicanth Line, Fujinel Line, Smalmon Line, Wombaton, Sandshrew Line, Narwhail, Rooten Line, Combant, Skorupi Line, Spinda, Toxroach Line, Klinklang, Pressie Line, Ptervus Line, Tyranos, Ambilade Line, Dwebble Line, Ferroseed Line, Delibird Line, Dunsparce Line

Syleafid, Taillow line, Togetic, Togekiss, Skarmory, Kinegasus, Tropius, Mornwing line, Mintch line, Hoothoot line, Aerodactyl, Nostratos, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Ganymede, Lugia, Ho-oh, Mew, Charizard, Rivird line, Shivermin line, Chatot line, Ledyba line, Murkrow line, Coropper, Coruda, Clouff line, Billserk, Scyther line, Fujinel line, Ninjask, Toxroach line, Ptervus line, Delibird- Line, Dunsparce Line, Farfetch’d Line, Latias, Latios, Almaria, Asphere

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Astignit, Machu, Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Floatzel, Yunesis, Hitmonlee, Rynos line, Absol line, Velvelt line, Rhyhorn line, Tropius, Walrein, Rotillo line, Abomasnow, Necrosia, Cupricorn line, Miltank, Kapwondo, Electivire, Magmortar, Kangaskhan, Grindon Line, Larvitar Line, Entei, Lylapse, Nemea, Mew, Patroleo Line, Liedoro, Tanuking, Ledybulk, Bisos Line, Komoragon, Rubball, Strawicked, Honchkrow, Exploud, Krabby Line, Corenom, Coruda, Coraga, Droudrum, Dvaarak, Breloom, Billserk, Mawile Line, Scizor, Pinsir Line, Dusknoir, Lickilicky, Relicanth Line, Trojalmon, Punchild Line, Wombaton, Sandrill, Darca, Gallade, Combant, Geodude- Line, Drapion, Swinub Line, Spinda, Cocrogue, Klinklang, Samushrai, Cacturne, Pteriarch, Tyranos, Ambilade Line, Crustle, Eelektross, Torkoal Line, Auldsparce, Scraggy Line, Krookodile, Gatanoia, Asphere




Z-nogyroP, Pokemon Vega Team