Pokemon Crystal Download (Rom)

Pokemon Crystal

Download Pokemon Crystal Version (V1.1) ROM and use it with an emulator. Play online GBC game on desktop PC, mobile, and tablets in maximum quality.

Download Pokemon Crystal GBC Rom

  • File: Pokemon Crystal ROM
  • Console: GBC
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Region: Europe, USA
  • Platforms: Android, Mac, iPhone, Windows

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Dive into Pokemon Crystal world as a young trainer hungry for adventure in Johto. Battle other trainers, snag wild Pokemon, and take on Team Rocket’s shady schemes. Your main quest? Capture Suicune, a legendary Pokemon with water-purifying powers. Collect Gym Badges, face the Elite Four, and shape your own story with impactful choices. It’s not just a game – it’s a timeless journey waiting for your personal touch.


Embark on a Pokemon adventure in Crystal, where you step into the shoes of a budding trainer exploring the vast Johto region. Capture and train diverse Pokemon, challenge other trainers, and aim for the prestigious title of Pokemon Champion.

As you journey through towns, forests, caves, and mountains, encounter wild Pokemon to expand your collection. Train and level up your Pokemon, unlocking new moves and evolutions. Engage in turn-based battles against other trainers, strategically selecting moves to secure victories.

Crystal introduces exciting features like playing as a female trainer, animated Pokemon sprites, and the Battle Tower for intense battles. The iconic Pokegear aids in tracking Pokemon, checking time and date, and connecting with other in-game characters.

Your choices and interactions with characters shape the narrative, offering multiple endings. With its captivating gameplay, Pokemon Crystal isn’t just a game; it’s an immersive experience that keeps fans hooked for more.


Download and Installation Pokemon Crystal Guide

  • Download and Install Emulator on your device.
  • Open the ROM file inside the emulator.
  • Now click on Open and enjoy.