Pokemon Azure Horizons (GBA) Download

Pokemon Azure Horizons

Download Pokemon Azure Horizons GBA ROM Hack Pre-Patched

  • Devloper: Frostbite
  • Version: True Continued Version 2023 (by hacksrepairman)
  • Based on: FireRed
  • Updated: March 4, 2023

Pokemon Azure Horizons is a GBA ROM Hack by Frostbite based on Pokemon Fire Red in English. The latest version of the download is now accessible and was last revised on March 4, 2023.

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You have been eagerly anticipating the acceptance letter to the regional league for months. Finally, it arrives, granting you the chance to follow in your brother’s footsteps and become a great Pokemon trainer. With clear goals in mind, you set out on your journey, determined to grow with each challenge and work your way to the top of the ranks. However, as soon as you begin your journey, a disturbance occurs in the region. Mysterious Pokemon trainers are causing chaos, with unclear motives that may conflict with your own. Along the way, you will encounter individuals who may either help or hinder your progress. As you get to know them better, you realize that there is more to their stories than initially meets the eye.

Pokemon Azure Horizons (GBA) Download


  • Introducing the Zephyr region
  • Including a significant number of 386 gen 3 Pokemon to catch
  • Introducing an antagonistic group known as Team Tundra
  • Carrying over some features from Diamond & Pearl
  • Adding new music to the game
  • Lowercasing text throughout the game
  • Including new events and sidequests for players to explore

True Continued Version 2023


  • Includes Sinnoh Pokemon (excluding legendaries) and adds Sylveon to the Pokedex.
  • Features Sinnoh starters as the player’s starting Pokemon.
  • Implements a Physical/Special split.
  • Includes a Day/Night system.
  • Adds new evolution methods.
  • Introduces new abilities.
  • Incorporates the opposite gender protagonist into the story.
  • Includes several other features from the “yet another Fire Red Hack” project.
  • Includes hidden HM Masters that must be beaten to obtain HMs.
  • Includes overworld sprites for the hero, heroine, and rival.
  • Includes the heroine’s back sprite.
  • Completes unfinished towns, paths, and gyms.
  • Includes overworld sprites and trainer sprites for the rest of the Gym Leaders and Elite Four.
  • Includes some legendary Pokemon.
  • Includes almost all the features planned for the final release.
  • Credits Chaos Rush, darklight177, KEV RDS, MultiDiegoDan, leParagon, Ventfor, and whackahack for their Pokemon sprite contributions.


  • The titlescreen.
  • Not being able to leave Amethyst Gym.
  • Some glitched tiles.
  • Some Pokemon’s broken movepool.

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