Pokemon Destiny Download v1.0.2 (Completed)

Pokemon Destiny

Pokemon Destiny is a fan-made game by SirSmoke Built on Pokemon Essentials V18.1 in english. And it is now available to download.

Download Pokemon Destiny RPG Maker XP Fan-Game

Language: English
Creator: SirSmoke
Version: Completed
System: RPG Maker XP
released : January 6th, 2023

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More peaceful times are dawning in a region divided and plagued by conflict for over a decade. The region’s Pokémon League had shut down, but now it’s reopening, giving you and new Trainers a chance to become the next League champion. All is not as peaceful as it seems, however, and the conflict that has rocked the region is heating up again.

Travel through a brand new region, discover brand new regional variants and start with a new selection of starters! The kings of the region have allied with the factions and the region is getting ever closer to an all-out war! Will you join a faction or remain neutral? Will you become the next league champion or will your rivals sideline you? Will you change the fortunes of the region? You can find the answer to these questions in Pokémon Destiny.

Factions in the Calypso region

The Royalists: A faction made up of those who remained loyal to the king after the region’s great division. Their leader is “Walt”, but unlike the other two faction leaders, Walt is still under King Calypso, who rules from his palace on the Great Calypso Plateau. He is an honorable and honest man, but his arrogance can get the better of him at times.

The Unionists: A faction composed of those who wish to create a democratic union among all the cities of Calypso, led by a council composed of elected representatives from each city. Their leader is “Warner” who has no problem taking up the sword when it comes to defending his people!

The Separatists: This faction consists of those who want the cities of Calypso to remain independent and self-governing. Their leader “Vivian” is an absolute technical genius who pulls the strings behind the scenes like a puppeteer, manipulating the politics of the region in her and her faction’s favour.

The Kings of the Calypso Region: Like the Gymnasts, you must defeat the Royals in battle to obtain a scroll equivalent to a Gym Badge. However, unlike the gym bosses, you have to complete a quest for the royal before you can fight and get a scroll instead of solving a puzzle. You should collect scrolls from the Royals as it is customary for the California League coaches to offer service and assistance in gratitude for passage and hospitality. The scrolls will be given to you as proof of your service to the respective kings. Gym Leaders still exist in Calypso, so get ready for tough battles and tricky puzzles! also, try Moemon Bonds.


  • Brand New Region
  • Brand New Adventure/Story
  • New Player Art
  • New Characters/Trainers & Art
  • Over 20 new regional variant Pokémon
  • All Gen 1-5 Pokémon (including mythical and legendaries) (#’s 1-649 in the National Dex)
  • Original Soundtrack
  • New selection of starters
  • Brand New Gameplay Mechanics
  • Return of Iconic Gameplay/Features Mechanics from previous games (Battle Frontier, Game Corner, Ruin Maniac and More!)
  • Toggle Exp All
  • Toggle Trainer Pokémon Level Scaling
  • Toggle Wild Pokémon Level
  • Day/Night cycle that affects encountered Pokémon, and many npc conversations.
  • Post Game Content
  • All of these features and much more in Pokémon Destiny!


Useful Staff


  • Project Manager – SirSmoke (J. Pergola)
  • Programmer – SirSmoke (J. Pergola)
  • Composer (Music) – Carlwastaken
  • Regional Pokémon Artists – XtremeBruh, JetuGonzi, FaborBlade
  • Character Artist – Manteigo
  • Title Screen Artist – JetuGonzi
  • Story Writer – SirSmoke (J. Pergola)
  • Map Developer/Designer – SirSmoke (J. Pergola)
  • Cutscene and Credit Reel Art – WOMBO Dream (AI Generated)