Pokemon Emerald Enhanced Download GBA Rom

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced

Pokemon Emerald Enhanced is a GBA ROM Hack by Ryuhouji based on Pokemon Emerald. And it’s now available for download.

Download Pokemon Emerald Enhanced GBA Rom

  • Creator: Ryuhouji
  • Version: v9.273
  • Hack by: Emerald
  • Updated on: December 15, 2022

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Pokemon Emerald Enhanced is an enhanced version of the original Pokemon Emerald with a total of 684 Pokemon, 7 starters, 6 difficulty modes (including Nuzlocke) and much more to discover!


This hack is updated very frequently, so the links below are probably out of date. It is recommended to get the hack directly from official sources like the Discord or the Pokecommunity thread.

This hack plays optimally on real hardware, mGBA and MyBoy! (Android).


  • A total of 684 Pokemon in the game
  • 7 startup options
  • All Frontier Pokemon movesets have been updated to competitive standards
  • 6 game modes: Hard, Normal, Easy, Nuzlocke, Hardcore, Frontier
  • follower system
  • Auto-scaling trainers and wild encounters
  • 1 in 256 chance of encountering a wild Boss Pokemon
  • Performing HM functions without badges or items
  • Fully customized jukebox
  • Elite 4 Rematch Parties
  • New game +
  • With the item “Forecaster” you can set any weather you want
  • Split into physical and special items
  • decapitalization
  • Random battle generator

Note: Emerald Enhanced is currently in BETA.
Anything can break at any time for a variety of reasons. If you can’t handle that, then the game might not be for you. In addition, Emerald Enhanced is said to be very demanding from the start.


Litwick, Beldum, Shinx, Ralts, Venipede, Timburr and Spheal.
They have been adjusted to work just as well as a launcher in a vanilla game, or in some cases even better. That brings more variety into it
new gaming experience as you will probably use “New Game +”.


  • Normal mode scales your EXP and gains with the number of Gyms defeated. They increase by 25% per badge (12.5 in Prestige mode).
  • Easy mode offers 4x base experience for people who want to beat the game quickly and aren’t confident enough for the more difficult modes.
  • Nuzlocke mode is a harder variant of my game, with enforced nuzlocke rules.
  • Hardcore mode uses special rules. No pokecenters, marts can be used but it’s more expensive.
  • You get less money and get the standard vanilla exp value. Fainted Muns disappear from your group.
  • Frontier mode takes you right to the edge. Choose a starting team to take on the frontier and earn BP to purchase new frontier Pokemon to expand your roster.

follower system

Henchmen will help you in battles against E4, Title Defense, and Max Tier Gym Leaders if they follow you.
The current followers are all romantic NPCs and Minnie.
You can dismiss them at any time by speaking to them to do so.
Each henchman has a passive bonus to help you in your adventures, so it’s worth unlocking and using! (New!)
To fix this, open the Start Menu and press the D-Pad to the left. This should reset their position to behind you.

Pokeball changer

You can switch the Poké Ball your Pokémon is currently in by talking to the Ball Switcher NPC.
You can find her in the Lilycove department store on the 5th floor.
To switch balls, you must pay 10,000 Pokédollars and own at least one of the corresponding balls.

Automatic scaling of trainers and wild encounters

On the first playthrough, everything scales based on the number of badges you own.
On consecutive New Game Plus runs, enemy mons will scale with your party’s levels.

Boss Wild Encounters!

The chance of encountering a wild Boss Pokemon is 1 in 128. They are easy to spot as their names are bright red.
These Pokemon have 31 in each IV and have their hidden ability. You gain +6 to both Defenses when combat begins.

IV Perfecting

You can get an egg with perfect IVs and the nature you want by utilizing the Genetic Code Mapping System.

  • You can consign up to 31 specimens of a given species to increase your Genetic Code Value (GCV).
  • You can use the GCV to spawn an egg of the type you saved. The species you create has IVs in each trait that match the GCV.
  • When you generate the Pokemon, you can choose a type.
  • The Pokemon created will be an egg that you will have to hatch using the moves and abilities of the first Mono you deployed.
  • Visit the Training Center in Lilycove to get started. It’s the leftmost computer in the left room.


We’ve implemented a fully custom achievement system. You can access this screen from your journal.
There are achievements for many things including but not limited to: any alternate endings to the main quests, getting significant amounts of overkill damage, exploration, and more!

Check out the PokeCommunity thread for detailed information on the rest of the features!

Changelog v9.273

  • Fixed Harvest and Odale town markets.
  • Added special winter updates with legendary gifts.
  • Lilycove Salon has been added to Lilycove City.
  • Your new henchman has been unlocked, who is the player’s mother.
  • Added a special quest for Poke fans that unlocks the Salon for you where you can find the Competitive Status Trainer and the Trimmer.
  • Added replayable content for Pokefans.