Pokemon Johto Legends Download GBC v0.3.5

Pokemon Johto Legends

Pokemon Johto Legends is a GBC ROM Hack based on Pokemon Crystal in English. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on March 29, 2023.

Download Pokemon Johto Legends GBC ROM Hack Pre-Patched

  • Creator: Ferropexola
  • Version: v0.3.5
  • Hack of: Pokemon Crystal
  • Updated: March 29, 2023


Travel through the Johto region 15 years before Gold and Kris’ Pokémon adventure. You will meet both new and familiar faces. Choose between Dratini and Larvitar as a starter! The goal is to collect all eight badges, compete against the Pokémon League, and enter all known Pokémon in your journal! Watch out for a conspiracy! Strange black people have been poaching and kidnapping Pokémon all over the region! It could be up to you to solve this puzzle! In the current version you can earn 7 badges.

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Features List

  • 311 Pokémon from generations 1-4, as well as Sylveon, Cursola and the fakémon Skarmini, a pre-evolution of Skarmory.
  • 395 moves across all generations, including an original move, Steel Slice.
  • Removed Beat Up, Bide, Conversion2, Frustration, and Nightmare to make room for more moves.
  • Physical/Special split.
  • Fairy type has been added.
  • Steel no longer resists Dark and Ghost and is now up to par.
  • Ice now resists Water and Electric in addition to Ice.
  • Many previously fully evolved Pokémon with less than 500 BST have had their stats increased. Some have new type combinations.
  • Experience values have been replaced by EVs, with a maximum of 510, as is the case in the newer games.
  • Status pages now include the Pokémon’s DVs and EVs, as well as a fourth page for the Pokémon’s catch time, location, level, and friendship.
  • Moves have been updated to mostly match their current-gen counterparts.
  • Movepools corresponding to the Generation 7 versions.
  • New items such as Choice Ribbon and Life Orb are available at the Battle Tower in exchange for Battle Points.
  • New evolution methods, such as a Link Wire item for the trade evolutions, and other evolution items such as Metal Mantle now work like Evolution Stones.
  • All Poké Balls now have unique sprites.
  • 70 TMs and 17 Move Tutor moves. TMs can now be used infinitely.
  • HMs have been replaced with key items.
  • Running shoes are available by default.
  • You no longer need a password to reset the time.
  • Fixed several glitches including the Apricorn Balls that can be purchased in Ecruteak City and all statuses now affect catch rate.
  • Fast Ball now has an increased catch rate against faster Pokémon.
  • Wild Pokémon no longer flee.
  • The swarm system has been improved, and the chance that the Pokémon in the swarm will shine has been increased. There are currently 10 swarms.
  • You can find up to 5 berries per tree.
  • There is now a separate pouch for berries in the backpack, and they have their modern names.
  • Smashing rocks can now yield items, including revive fossils.
  • Gym Leaders can be re-fighted daily, and some routes have trainers that can be re-fighted an infinite number of times by speaking to them at any time.
  • AI status moves no longer fail 25% of the time, and other minor AI kills.
  • The NPC who gives you the Hidden Power TM will tell you the nature of his Hidden Power.
  • Experience and Exp.Share now behave as they did in Generation 6. Exp.Share is optional and can be turned on or off at any time.


Pokemon Johto Legends Download GBC v0.3.5

Pokemon Johto Legends Download

WARNING: Please play this hack on either mGBA or bgb64 as they’re the ones recommended by the author. VBA and MyBoy have been known to glitch and not play correctly. mGBA is available on mobile with RetroArch.


  • Ferropexola