Pokemon Bushido Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Bushido

Pokemon Bushido is a Pokémon fangame developed in RPG Maker XP using the Pokémon Essentials v18.1 Starter Kit and MKXP.

Download Pokemon Bushido RPG Maker XP Fan Game

NamePokemon Bushido
Versionv1.1.12 (Completed)
Developed inRPG Maker XP
Release DateAugust 4, 2023

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Pokemon Bushido uses Gen 4 style graphics and includes Pokemon from up to Gen 8!
Features from later generations such as the Exp. All and HM Items are also found in this game, but with a unique twist!

Pokemon Bushido Map

In Pokémon Bushido, you will be able to explore the vast and beautiful Aisho Region!
Home to vibrant trees, clear skies, luscious waters, and interesting people, there’s much to explore throughout your journey!


  1. A Complete Story
  2. 10-15 Hours of Gameplay
  3. Mid-Battle Dialogue
  4. Shadow Pokémon
  5. Katanas that replace HMs
  6. MKXP for Increased Performance
  7. Pokémon up to Gen 8
  8. New Battle Animations (Reborn)
  9. Speed-Up Toggle (Alt Key)

Choose Your Starter

Pokemon Bushido Choose Your Starter

Will you choose Treecko, the wooden gecko Pokémon? Or will it be Fennekin, the Fox Pokémon? Or maybe Oshawott, the sea otter Pokémon?
The choice is yours! Assemble a strong team of reliable Pokémon, and the Aisho region will be yours to explore and conquer!

The Clans of the Aisho Region

The Clans of the Aisho Region

In the Aisho region, various kenshi clans work to protect their villages. Each clan represents a different type!
They won’t hesitate to use their katanas in battle to change the weather or impose statuses on your Pokémon, so get ready for some tough battles!

The Katanas of Bushido

The Katanas of Bushido

The katanas of Bushido: Virizion, Terrakion and Cobalion.
These three are celebrated as the protectors of the Aisho region as they inherently embody the code of honor.
During your journey you will meet these three legends, learn more about their history and see what they have to offer!

The Akui Clan

The Akui Clan

Due to their heinous crimes in the past, the Akui Clan have been isolated to their own island.
The Akui Clan are notorious for their trickery and experimentation with Shadow Pokemon.

The Story

The Story

The story of Pokemon Bushido revolves around you, the royal samurai’s child.
After years of training under Sensei Sukiro, the time has come for you to get a Pokémon and become an official Kenshi.
But when you enter the Kenshi Introductory Tournament, events take an unexpected turn and your journey takes you through the most important villages of the Aisho region! You will challenge the different clans and earn merits while stopping the Akui clan. As you journey through the region, you will meet new friends and enemies that will shape your adventure.

Required Graphics Used

Graphic 1: jams
The ‘jams’ graphic was used to replace potions in the game.
Instead of potions, players use healing jam to heal their Pokemon.
Graphic 2: letter
The ‘Letter’ graphic was used at the beginning of the game when Sensei Sukiro gives you a letter to take to the Shogun.
Graphic 3: Leaves
The “Leaves” graphic was used in Tsuchi Village, Hanatsu Village, and Izumi Village.
To gain access to a dojo, players must first find the 5 leaves of that city.



  • Thundaga

“Pokémon Essentials” was created by:

  • Flameguru
  • Poccil (Peter O.)
  • Maruno