Pokemon Edge Rising Download (v2.0 Completed)

Pokemon Edge Rising

Pokemon Edge Rising is a Pokémon fangame developed in RPG Maker XP using the Pokémon Essentials v20 in English.

Download Pokemon Edge Rising RPG Maker XP Fan Game

Game TitlePokemon Edge Rising
Versionv2.0 (Completed)
Developed inRPG Maker XP
Release Date12/12/22


Experience the dark, cruel world of the Inferno region, home of death, darkness and lots of black and red.
Follow the journey of Fang, a vengeful teenager as he uncovers a dark truth in the world and those around him. Also monologues. A lot of that.

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  • A deep, well-written storyline
  • A varied region
  • Extremely complex and thought-provoking characters
  • 45+ Fakemon
  • Profound moral decisions
  • NPCs that sometimes say pretty useful things
  • character portraits
  • No TMs or HMs
  • Use Alt to speed up your game.

New in the Revengeance update:

  • 20+ new Fakemon
  • Various rebalances
  • Porting the game to Pokémon Essentials v20
  • An expanded Pokédex featuring Gen 8 Pokémon and more
  • A new, expanded postgame with even more NPCs that sometimes say pretty useful things
  • A new combat facility known as the Bell Tower!
  • And most importantly, a new status condition!

Game Screenshots


Bugfix Patch: (Drag this into your main folder and replace the files when prompted) (Updated 12/12/22)


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