Pokemon Calamity Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Calamity

Pokemon Calamity is being made in RPGMaker with Pokémon Essentials v20 by SloppyPasta.

Download Pokemon Calamity RPGMaker Fan Game

Version Played: Essentials V20
Creator: SloppyPasta
Status: Work in Progress
Version: 0.1
Update: Jan 10, 2023

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Explore the Bronc region! Grab your trainer license from the Battle Association and hit the road! Fight in all eight Gyms, make it to the Elite Championship and compete against the best trainers in the region. Defeat them all and then defeat your father the champion to become the best in the region. Meanwhile, you must contend with Team Supreme and their “fashionable” rare Pokémon. Stop them from stealing and bullying to get to the top. Uncover a secret conspiracy that will literally rock the nation. Save the world from an ancient being and a cataclysmic catastrophe. That’s all in one day for a teenage Pokémon prodigy!


Pokemon Calamity Download (Latest Version)


  • A Pokedex with filled exclusively “MS Paint” styled Fakemon. Aiming for at least 150 Fakemon, we are currently at 90.
  • A Starter trio consisting of Psychic, Dark, and Fighting Pokemon
  • Togglable Exp All
  • Some unique abilities and moves (Ex. Shatter: The Pokémon shatters when knocked out, leaving pointed stones behind. aka stealth rocks)
  • Follower Pokemon. We are aiming to have as many Pokemon able to follow as possible
  • Mini Games!
  • Speed Up
  • Dynamax Dens
  • Calamity Forms of Pokémon
  • Online Trading and Battling (IN DEVELOPMENT)
  • Battle Houses: A building full of trainers with competitive battle sets

Current State:

We currently have 4 gyms done, and are close to releasing a demo. The upgrade to v20 has us redoing a lot of events so it may take some time. We have concept art for a female character and will be spiriting them soon. More Pokemon are being made constantly as we work on the game so expect more than 90 by the time we release the demo. This is the first time any of us have worked on a Pokémon game and there are only a few of us so development has been slow.

In case anyone was wondering why “MS Paint” style for the Fakemon, it was because we didnt know how to sprite so we decided it would be more approachable.


Head Developer: SloppyPasta
Character & Fakemon Artist: Beardgator, Manny Marz, Frito Dragon, and Yado
Map Making: Raezr999
Music: ShinyArmor
Playtesting: Gnomater, Sweet Lava