Pokemon Chaos in Vesita Download (English Version)

Pokemon Chaos in Vesita

Pokemon Chaos in Vesita English Version OUT NOW German Fan Game by UnOvA with many new features and functions, such as attributes for our character. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated in Sep 24, 2023.

Download Pokemon Chaos in Vesita Fan-Game

Creator: UnOvA
made in: RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon Essentials kit (V.17)
Version: Pokemon Chaos in Vesita Completed
Updated: Sep 24, 2023


Hello, I‘m a german fan game creator ready to release his third fan game. As a huge Pokémon fan I was always interested in creating cities or landscapes so when I discovered the RPG Maker XP and the Pokémon Essentials kit (V.17) my new obsession started. I’m doing everything on my own from mapping, writing, spriting and eventmaking. With the given material of many talented spriters and composers I was able to create a beautiful Pokémon game which kinda feels like an homage to our Nintendo childhood. I’ve been inspired by the release of brilliant diamond to take a step back and appreciate the wonderful memories these games gave us and to turn it into a new and colorful adventure.

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Your Adventure in Vesita​

Far away from every known continent is an island located in the deepest blues of coral oceans. So rich of Pokémon and nature, life has evolved into the most beautiful ways all around the region. From ‘the lungs of Vesita’ the Saltu Jungle to the highest peaks of Vesita Mountains Pokémon, nature and people lived in harmony and peace.
No one knows how life on Vesita would have looked like if the shadow of chaos never striped the island. But it landed on here.
Errupting into chaos, life on Vesita would never be the same again. Pokémon turn against human while a new ice age emerged killing everything coming its way.
Hope is near, as two more shadows appear over the night sky of the fresh born chaos. Sent by the guardian of equality and balance they were able to defeat the chaos in a three year long war resulting into many innocent deaths. Dust has settled over Vesita and the story of the so called ‘Savior-Pokémon’ lives on to this day inspiring a whole new generation of people.

Your adventure starts with a huge surprise! An organisation called PokéVentur is offering you an once in a lifetime, all-inclusive trainer experience. As one of three lucky winners of a starcard you will travel around the region accompanied by the diligent helpers of PokéVentur. However things take a dark turn very fast.

Vesita is built on destruction, death, war but also hope. People from all over the region have gathered and formed another organisation called Team Duplex. Their leader is… one of a kind. He lost the presidental election to the admiring and charming Alexo. Team Duplex leader Master Ilan does everything in his power to get what he wants. Will you prevent him from birthing another chaos into the Vesita region?


Discover a completely new region!
From lush jungles to vast deserts to icy mountain tops. Vesita offers you a global experience with a little bit of everything. Climate to Pokémon

Meet many new characters with aspiring ambitions!
Yes, you’re not alone on your adventure. Meet the other two lucky trainers that also won the starcard. Find out what their goals are and help to fulfill them

Encounter new Pokémon forms from the sixth gen!
Pokémon with new and exciting type combinations and designs await your arrival. Nickname your beloved Pokemon anytime you want

Dive into a historic storyline through the Vesita region!
Vesitas rich history stretches from far to present. The future however is in your hand. There are many legendary challenges to face

Challenging Pokémon battles and terrain!
To explore every corner of Vesita you will need the help of so called HM’s. All of them are attack boosted and most are unlearnable. Pokémon evolving through trade will now evolve through items or level

Try your luck in the safari zone, local casino or triple triad matches!
Cash, games, fun and more await you in the heart of entertainment, Blissice City

Enter every PokéVentur to master the full trainer experience and gain special rewards!
Let it be berries, ores, apricorns or pokémon battle there’s always something to do in a PokéVentur near you. Don’t miss out on some extra cash or rare items.

A long post game with tons of legendaries waiting for you!
How did so many legendary Pokémon (14) make their way to Vesita? Well not even Arceus knows but it’s up to you to find out. Oh and don’t forget to challenge the Elite Arena. Where you can rematch trainer and even some known faces endless times to gain some extra experience. Talking about rematches, all eigth gym leaders and the elite four would love to battle against you more than just one time, I promise.

Meet the chaos itself! A never seen before Pokémon!

Some features just as mints+speed up button or HM items will be added in future releases

New Pokémon Forms​

Some Pokémon have changed their appearance and type through the years… Get to know them!

  • Vivillon: BUG/FAIRY
  • Flabebe: FAIRY/GRASS
  • Floette: FAIRY/GRASS
  • Florges: FAIRY/POSION
  • Gogoat: GRASS/ROCK
  • Spritzee: FAIRY/PSYCHIC
  • Aromatisse: FAIRY/PSYCHIC
  • Slurpuff: FAIRY/FIRE
  • Clauncher: WATER/STEEL
  • Clawitzer: WATER/STEEL
  • Dedenne: ELEC/GHOST

 Towns and Places

  • Flopetal Town – Flosipera
  • Barmoss Town – Silbora
  • Aster Woods – Coninco Forst
  • Imperia City – Capital
  • Rockiff City – Monteno
  • Rockiff Steep Cliffs – Monteno Steilklippen
  • Vesita Mountains – Vesita Gebirge
  • Vallis City – Vallies
  • Lostor Forest – Trolost Wald
  • Agrita Ville – Agriter
  • Riveridge City – Latora
  • Lake Brevis – Brevis See
  • Isle of Unity – Insel der Einigkeit
  • Unitum Grotto – Unitum Grotte
  • Hanera Temple – Hanera Tempel
  • Oasha City – Osea
  • Venoa Coast – Venenoa Küste
  • Venoa Marsh – Venenoa Sumpf
  • Erruptress Town – Ignea
  • Igno Volcano – Igno Vulkan
  • Tropetop City – Tamorus
  • Saltu Jungle – Saltu Dschungel
  • Duplex Hideout – Duplex Geheimversteck
  • Backroots Cave – Unterholz Höhle
  • Creepster Cave – Spunheil Höhle
  • Tritanium Plateau – Tritum Plateau
  • Blissice City – Glacie
  • Altara Town – Altara
  • Dioris Chamber – Diocris Kammer
  • Nanu Town – Nixin
  • Pedraco City – Perdita
  • Dracanto Cave – Dracanto Höhle
  • Winpoyn Coast – Winpion Küste
  • Goldvic Town – Kronurg
  • Victory Road – Siegesstraße
  • Mt. Frigu – Frigu Berg
  • Pavilla Ville – Parvalla
  • Flopetal Meadows – Flosipera Blumenfelder
  • Konterra Cliffs – Konterra Klippen
  • Ventosa Town – Ventosa


The Vesita Region
The Vesita Region


  • Town names are not translated in Continue Screen + a few dialog too
  • A few sprites are not animated
  • To fix issues with graphics in full screen, just go to options and switch back to another size then back to full
  • No sound for evolution

Please report any bugs/errors you find to this thread! Also Try Pokemon Azume.