Pokemon Platinum Redux Download (Updated)

Pokemon Platinum Redux Download

Download Pokemon Platinum Redux NDS ROM Hack by Henry Van Patten based on Pokemon Platinum. And it is now available to download.

Download Pokemon Platinum Redux NDS ROM Pre-Patched

Creator: Henrey Van Patten
Version: v5.0
Hack of: Platinum
Updated: December 21, 2022


Pokemon Platinum Redux is a difficulty rom hack by Platinum. The changes listed below aim to provide a more challenging platinum experience focused on team building and combat. The Rom currently has a roster of 493 Pokemon.

Primary Goals

  • Difference between Pokemon Platinum Redux and Pokemon Renegade Platinum

Renegade Platinum is one of the best and most polished Pokémon ROM hacks. Every platinum ROM hack is inadvertently compared to Renegade Platinum. Platinum Redux has a lot in common with Renegade Platinum, such as quality of life changes, but there are also massive differences. The changes to Pokémon and moves are more extreme in Pokemon Platinum Redux. As such, the ROM hack is less like the main series Pokémon games. In addition, there are many regional forms with altered types in Platin Redux. Also, each individual Pokémon has customized stats, abilities, or learning sets. New Pokémon forms, new moves, and altered abilities keep surprising players new to Platin Redux. For those who don’t like being surprised, there is documentation for each change. Unfortunately, if you want to play a game more similar to the mainline Pokémon games, Platinum Redux isn’t the ROM hack you’re looking for.

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  • Make every fully evolved Pokémon usable by the end of the game

I really don’t like that in the main series Pokémon games, some Pokémon are downright useless late in the game. To ensure that every fully evolved Pokémon is useful until the battle against the champion, most Pokémon have been given significant stat, movement, or ability buffs. On the other hand, some Pokemon (especially Legendary ones) have received slight nerfs. However, Legendary Pokémon still have the highest base stats. There’s no way to perfectly balance hundreds of Pokemon, but in Platin Redux, each Pokemon should be useful throughout the game. All values, types, abilities, learning sets and much more can be looked up in the documentation.

  • All fully evolved Pokémon have a unique niche/purpose

To ensure that no two Pokémon have the exact same purpose, there are no fully evolved monotypic Pokémon in Platinum Redux. All fully evolved monotype Pokémon in platinum received a regional form with additional types. Some dual types also received a type change. All Pokemon with changed types have an adjusted color palette to indicate the type change. About 50% of fully evolved Pokémon have regional forms, so there will be many surprises if you play blindfolded. Each combination type is represented at least once. It is very difficult for any Pokemon to find a niche when there are many Pokemon of the same (mono)type; with these regional forms, each Pokémon is unique. Some of the regional shapes are very obvious (Bug/Dragon Flygon), some are more unique (Dark/Psycho Absol), and some are very experimental (Grass/Water Venusaur; it’s a toad, right?). If you’re just looking at the documentation and wondering how on earth Beautifly can be a Bug/Ice type, remember that the sprites have different colors reflecting the type changes. Also Try Pokemon Radical Red.

  • Increased but fair difficulty level

There are no EVs in Platinum Redux. This increases the level of difficulty, but also reduces the tedious grind. Each trainer has champion-level AI, better movesets, held items, and more trainers are inevitable. Platinum Redux is not meant to be a super hard hack (like Radical Red or the Kaizo games). That’s why all Trainer Pokemon have 16 IVs in all stats (31 in the Kaizo game for comparison), so they should be just as strong as your Pokemon on average. Some changes also reduce the difficulty a bit, such as: B. Infinite TMs and early access to powerful battle items. In summary, Platin Redux will be much more challenging than the main Pokémon games, but not as difficult as ROM hacks designed for high difficulty.

  • catch them all

Every single Pokémon can be caught somewhere in the tall grass. It’s that simple. You’ll find Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard, and even Mew somewhere.

Pokemon Platinum Redux New content in v3.3

There is a new hardcore mode. Read the “Patch Guide” to learn how to use Hardcore. In Hardcore Enemy, Trainer Pokémon have 31 IVs (16 IVs in the other versions of Pokemon Platinum Redux). Also, immunities will be changed to resistances. Substituting will be much more difficult.
There are 3 new encounter areas: Mt. Coronet d, Ice Room and Steel Room
Galactic admins now all have a full team of 6 people.
Choice Band and Choice Specs now increase Atk and SpAtk by 35% instead of 50%.
You can find Jasmine at her home in Twinleaf Town. She will give you an egg that can randomly hatch one of 17 different Pokémon. At least 1 Pokémon of each type is included in the random sample.
Many moves are slightly changed. Of particular note is Dream Eater, which is now a 75-power, 90% accurate Darkness-type drain action with no requirement for the target to be Asleep.


  • Type table and different versions

Platinum Redux includes 10 changes to the type table. These affect about 3% of all interactions and should reduce the strength of the steel type and make the normal type more interesting. The changes can be found in the documentation. Many people don’t like the type chart changes, that’s why there are 4 different versions of Platinum Redux. One version includes the type table changes listed above, one version includes the vanilla type table, and one version includes the vanilla type table but with the Gen 6 change that both Ghost and Dark-type moves are neutral to Steel. These 3 versions differ only in the type table and nothing else.
“Hardcore”, the 4th version, is an exception. In Hardcore, opposing Trainer Pokémon have 31 IVs and immunities have been turned into resistances, making it much harder to switch in. “Hardcore” also has the 10 changes in the type table that “Platinum Redux” has. Try Also Pokemon Girls Hunter.

  • Functions for Nuzlocking

You have the opportunity to get an infinite amount of rare candies, max elixirs, EXP percentages and max heals on the first route. You will also be informed about the stages of the upcoming boss fights. There’s also grass in areas where you couldn’t get encounters in Vanilla Platinum, and there are some new areas with encounters.

  • New events

There are many new events, fights, and storylines in Pokemon Platinum Redux. All story beats are, however, the same as in vanilla Platinum.

  • Quality of life features, Speedup patch, and Damage calc
  • Custom damage calculator. (Check documentation to know how to use it)
  • The move reminder and move forgetter are in every Pokécenter from Sandgem Town onwards. You also don´t have to pay anything for the move reminder.
  • Trade Pokémon always obey.
  • The shiny rate is increased to 1/257.
  • You will receive every useful hold item, Tm, and berry at an infinite amount during your playthrough.
  • Wild encounter rates are much lower.
  • Every Pokémon evolves by level.
  • There are no encounters while surfing.
  • Move and ability information are more detailed with exact numbers.
  • The nature names show stat increases and decreases (for example Jolly (+Spe/-SpA)).
  • Minimized the necessity of HMs.
  • You receive the National Pokédex early on.
  • And much, much more.

Pokemon Platinum Redux is the standard version; Hardcore is Redux but increases trainer Pokémon IVs to maximum and all immunities in the type chart are resistances; TC6 and TC4 are Redux but have the Gen 6 or Gen 4 type chart

Henrey Van Patten


How To Play Pokemon Platinum Redux NDS ROM hack on your PC

To play a Pokemon NDS ROM hack on your PC, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download an emulator: To play NDS ROMs on your PC, you need to have an emulator installed. There are several NDS emulators available, such as DeSmuME, melonDS, and NoCash DS. Choose one that you prefer and download it.
  2. Download the Pokemon ROM hack: There are several websites where you can find Pokemon NDS ROM hacks, such as pokemerald.com. Choose the hack you want to play and download the ROM file.
  3. Install the emulator: After downloading the emulator, install it on your PC.
  4. Load the ROM: Open the emulator, click on File, and then click on Open. Browse to the location where you saved the Pokemon ROM hack, select it, and click Open. The game should now start.
  5. Configure the emulator: Some emulators require additional configuration to work correctly. You may need to adjust the screen resolution, sound settings, and control options.
  6. Start playing: Once you’ve completed the above steps, you should be able to play the Pokemon NDS ROM hack on your PC.

Note: It is important to mention that downloading ROMs or ROM hacks of games you do not own is illegal. Additionally, downloading and playing ROMs can also be considered as piracy.


  • Henry Van Patten