Pokemon Odyssey Download (New Version 2.0.1)

Pokemon Odyssey

Pokemon Odyssey is a ROM hack created for the Game Boy Advance (GBA). This hack takes inspiration from the beloved game Pokemon Fire Red and adds its own unique elements and features. It offers an exciting and fresh experience for players who are looking to embark on a new Pokemon adventure.

Download Pokemon Odyssey GBA ROM

  • Creator: PacoScarso
  • Version: Beta 2.0.1
  • Hack of: FireRed
  • Updated: Monday, July 3, 2023
  • Language: English

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Greetings, everyone! In a nutshell, let me introduce you to an exciting crossover project that combines the worlds of Pokémon, Made in Abyss, and Etrian Odyssey. This unique endeavor takes the form of a captivating dungeon-crawler with an immersive story. The best part is, you don’t require any prior knowledge of Etrian Odyssey or Made in Abyss to thoroughly relish this game!


On the island of Talrega lies the entrance to the Yggdrasil Labyrinth, a gigantic maze full of treasure that has attracted the attention of adventurers from all over the world.
What are you looking for? Money? Fame? Or do you just want to test your coaching skills by conquering the maze?
Is there something deep?
In this game you take on the role of Nyx, a young adventuress who wants to challenge the maze.
But as soon as she begins to descend, something goes wrong…



NYX Young adventurer that wants to challenge the Yggdrasil Labyrinth.
Good at Pokémon battles, she tries to follow in her sister’s footsteps in order to surpass her.
Signature Pokémon: Plusle & Minun


AIMÉE The best explorer from the Adventurers Guild in the city of Talrega and Nyx’s older sister.
She’s the one that wrote the majority of books and guides regarding the labyrinth, its treasures and mysteries.


ETHAN an introverted and awkward boy who will travel with Nyx during her adventure.
He has a mysterious connection with Aimée.
Signature Pokémon: Kecleon & Shroomish.


OLYMPIA A strange girl who will travel with Nyx during her adventure.
She claims to be a robot and acts like one.
She has a mysterious connection with Aimée.
Signature Pokémon: Mawile & Porygon


  • Recent history and region;
  • Double Battles only, unless you only have one Pokemon;
  • No Gym Leaders/Evil Team/Elite4, it’s time to explore!
  • Each Pokémon has been rebalanced;
  • Available Monos: Gen 1 through 3, Gen 4 evolutions and perks like Farigiraf;
  • Multiple difficulty levels and soft level caps;
  • EV-IV screen, natural colors etc. etc;
  • No healing items during combat
  • Etrian Odyssey features such as mining and gathering points, lake exploration, shop upgrade and FOEs;
  • side quests and a side quest menu;
  • miracle trade;
  • Every Pokemon in the game has 31 IVS, so there’s no need to farm or breed to get a decent Pokemon;
  • You don’t get EVS when you defeat a Pokemon, instead you have to use power items or vitamins (at a lower cost);
  • You can change your Pokémon’s nature and ability using in-game features;
  • Exp. Share Gen VI style as game mechanic;
  • Shiny rate increased;
  • New soundtrack.



You’ll need NUPS and a clean 1636 – Pokémon Fire Red (U)(Squirrels) rom.
It is also recommended to use mGBA 0.9.2 or mGBA 0.10.0 on PC and Lemuroid or RetroArch with the mGBA core on Android devices.
Beta v2.0 ends at the beginning of the Fifth Stratum.


  • Magiscarf ➜ Tilesets
  • Aveontrainer ➜ Battle Backgrounds
  • The-Red-eX ➜ Tilesets
  • kWharever ➜ Battle Backgrounds
  • BadassBill ➜ Tilesets
  • Kalarie ➜ Sprites (OW)
  • Avon, SphericalIce, DoesntKnowHowToPlay, FBI, Daniils, Squeetz, Jambo51, VersekrDark ➜ Asm