Pokemon Legends Arise (Trinity Aenigma) LA-TA

Pokemon Legends Arise (Trinity Aenigma) LA-TA

Pokemon Legends Arise (Trinity Aenigma) LA-TA is a NDS Fangame Based off Pokemon Platinum, whose development started in early 2020. It tells an original story set in an alternative scenario to that of Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

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LanguageItalian, English and Spanish
Release DateSoon


You impersonate Platinum Berlitz, undercover agent of a powerful conglomerate known as Galaxias Novus, which owns the biggest slice of Sinnoh‘s economy whilst also influencing the local politics.

Agent Berlitz’s adventure begins in the Harbour of Veilstone City and is guided by Agent Fortis,
a mysterious character who seems to have a plan in mind capable of changing the fate of the world forever.

Gathering information about what’s at stake and learning to discern lies from reality is crucial, but entirely up to you.

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Special agent with extraordinary intelligence and a foggy past, double-dealer, and designer of an advanced pieceof technology which he uses for extracting information from the surrounding environment: the Calypsoscope.
He is leading a top-secret project on behalf of Galaxias Novus but he does not seem to fully embrace its vision.



Bright and lively woman, extremely faithful to the law and spearhead of the International Investigation Centre, based in Rockfrost Point.
She’s following the traces of an important operation that the higher ranks of Galaxias Novus are conducting in Sinnoh.



One of the directors of Galaxias Novus, assigned to the Veilstone district. Despite his apparently cold and aloof attitude, he can be extremely persuasive and is considered to be an excellent leader. He is in charge of the corporation’s main projects.



Self-proclaimed diva of Galaxias Novus, who conquered her place in the world solely thanks to her charm. She turned Hearthome City into her very own resort of business, luxury, and nightlife.



An expert, mysterious trainer who’s been studying Sinnoh’s culture and mythology for a very long time. In the past, she played an important role in the public life of the region.


NDS hacking is getting big. New features are being researched and discovered as we speak.
The ones listed below are already available but the final Pokemon Legends Arise version will probably have more.
We’re learning more about the NDS’ full potential by the day.

Gen V Sinnoh

Pokemon Legends Arise boasts renewed Gen V graphics.
The game soundtrack features remastered tracks as well as original pieces,
played with higher quality instruments.
Old characters will return and new ones will make their appearance as well.
The minimal User Interface is inspired by Pokémon Black 2 and White 2.

Original story, Familiar ambience

From the birth of the Pokémon world to the mystery of spacetime,
to the myth of the Lake Guardians… you will learn more as you dive
deep into Sinnoh’s culture and explore ancient ruins and monuments,
such as the Eterna’s Pillar of Time and Celestic’s Cave of Space.

More and more Side Quests

Every map exists for a reason. Explore and discover the game scenario
to understand all of its secrets and history!

Vibrant Scenario

Many in-game events are tied with the passing of time. Celestic Town’s Pokémon Academy
is always teeming with students during the day, yet completely empty at night.
Moreover, all inhabitants of Solaceon Town prefer to avoid wandering
around after sunset… for some reason.

Following Pokémon!

The most appreciated feature from HeartGold and SoulSilver returns to Sinnoh as well.
Familiar cities like Hearthome and Veilstone have a whole new charm
to them, with Pokémon walking by your side.
There will be 493 Pokémon available, to allow everyone to complete the Pokédex.
Wild Pokémon in the tall grass are better distributed but… without exaggerating too much.

Dynamic Camera

Thanks to Mikelan98 and Trifindo’s work, we’re now able to move the camera around
and create cool cinematic effects to give each area more depth and character.

Day/Night Music variations

Diamond, Pearl and Platinum featured night themes for routes and cities.
We restored this cool addition and implemented it in our project.

Pokémon Hostel

This new building incorporates both the Pokémon Center and the PokéMart from Gen IV.
There are two floors, one dedicated to refreshment and items, one for dorm rooms.
Pokémon Hostels are also gathering places where you can meet all sorts of people who will
either ask you to battle them, gift you useful items, or reveal misc information.



– AdAstra/LD3005 (Founder, Project Design, Technical realisation, Mapping, Soundtrack)
– vin.derlust (Project Design, Storyline, Mapping, Resource Management)
– Mikelan98 (ASM Support)
– Mariuso, Miles Tails (Overworld & Trainer Sprites)
– Primordial Rune (GUI design)

Collaborators: Trifindo, GreenLenux, Seiiccubus


Pokemon Legends Arise will be released as an xDelta patch to apply onto an English Platinum ROM.
It will be available in Italian, English and Spanish.

We cannot guarantee any release date or ETA: we are most likely going to release ONE
game version that contains all of the main plot in its entirety.

Please do keep following us.

Props to

Nintendo, GAME FREAK and The Pokémon Company
for creating everything which our game is based on,
thus giving our imagination the chance to explore new horizons.

for creating the awesome mapping tool that we all love.
None of this would be possible without it!

for finding the camera struct in the DPPt RAM & FS,
making further research much easier.