Pokemon Conquest Twin Dragons Download (NDS Rom)

Pokemon Conquest Twin Dragons

Pokemon Conquest Twin Dragons is a NDS ROM hack of Pokemon Conquest, a hack with a few quality of life features added with moves from newer generations, a few new cards, a wider distribution of Pokemon in the game, a harder difficulty, and rebalanced base stats for each Pokemon, similar to Scalemons, are enriched.

Download Pokemon Pokemon Conquest Twin Dragons NDS Rom Hack

  • Creator: BagonGanda
  • Version: Completed v1.7.0
  • Hack of: Pokemon Conquest
  • Updated: Last update to this ROM Hack – October 5th, 2023

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What is Pokemon Conquest?

Pokemon Conquest is a crossover between Koei Tecmo’s Nobunaga’s Ambition series and Pokemon for the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Conquest is a SRPG (Strategy Role-Playing Game e.g. Fire Emblem, FF Tactics) with 200 Pokemon from Genes 1 to 5. As for the Pokemon games, the original game sold pretty poorly but is lagging behind still my favorite game in the Pokemon series. Lately I’ve seen a growing appreciation for the game, especially with very popular ROM hacks like Reconquered and Imperial, both of which serve their own purpose in the line of (very few) Conquest ROM hacks out there. I would like to share here my project, updated over the course of almost a year. It was downloadable on social media platforms like Discord, Reddit, and Twitter, but with the release of the biggest update yet, it was time to share it here.


In a place far removed from the modern Pokemon world you may know, the Ransei region thrives with the Pokemon that reside there. The region is divided into 17 areas, with each area having its own kingdom. It is said that the brave warrior will have his wish granted if he claims all the kingdoms for himself. And so the region is thrown into turmoil to claim every kingdom for themselves in order to fulfill their most cherished wish.

So where does your story begin? Will you be able to follow your story to the end? Who will be your allies?

Who will stand in your way?


  • All pokemon base stat totals have been completely rebalanced
  • Heightened the difficulty of the main story
  • Most unique warriors appear in most stories All pokemon are marked to appear in each story (except legendaries)
  • Reaper Cloth has been replaced with the Ice Stone, which evolves Eevee into Glaceon, Cubchoo into Beartic, and Snorunt into Glalie (Dusclops is a simple stat requirement to evolve)
  • Stone evos also need to reach a stat requirement to evolve
  • Every warrior has 2 evolutionary lines of perfect links ~30 new moves, ~5 of which are replacements and 5 changes to existing moves
  • Backgrounds for all areas are changed to suit the area
  • Pokemon with Levitate also have 2 other abilities Floating Rock 2 has 5 extra turns


Below is the changelog for Pokemon Conquest Twin Dragons v1.7.0:

  • Mist Ball -> Draco Meteor, given to Garchomp and Hydreigon
  • Night Daze -> Psychic Noise, given to Chimecho and Gardevoir
  • Volt Tackle -> Acrobatics, given to Emolga, Raichu -> Volt Switch
  • Umbreon Night Daze -> Foul Play
  • Chesto! Renamed to Guts and Glory
  • Head Smash altered to Row2Ahead, moves user forward
  • Slightly adjusted other moves given to certain Pokemon
  • Treecko has had its Range increased to 5.
  • A small edit has been made to the Viperia map to make it slightly less annoying to maneuver.
  • Bibarel now has Dive, a reskin of Dig, which was originally removed from the game.
  • Sky Drop has been updated, but goes unused still. This is for the sake of move randomizers.
  • Cross Chop -> Storm Blow, still on Machamp
  • Machamp no longer has Bodyguard, in replacement for Thrust.
  • Various buffs to Poison-type moves, granting most of them the ability to Badly Poison or have increased poison odds.
  • Incinerate Burn chance has been raised.
  • Dialogue Oichi says before battling a kingdom has now been changed to give useful advice about the map of the kingdom you are about to fight.
  • Renamed Shadow Dash to Prankster.
  • Readjusted Max Link Capacity for every monotype Pokemon, and all legendary Pokemon. Overall, this is a buff for about ~90% of the warlords.
  • Fixed issue with Tadakatsu where having Metagross or Dialga would cause the Max Link dialogue to appear after every action.
  • Some Perfect Links for Warlords have been edited, meaning that Warlords have a perfect link with just the fully evolved form of the Pokemon they were normally perfect links with, along with another Pokemon. The doc will be updated with this information soon! Postgame stories have accommodated this as well!
  • Another map has been edited as a hint towards its future appearance- find it in game to see the preview for yourself before its officially shown off!
  • Dragnor Water and Grass nodes now inflict Confusion and Poison statuses respectively.
  • Typhoon Warrior Skill has been buffed.
  • Confidence has been changed to raise Accuracy instead of Speed.
  • Drifblim now has Tailwind.
  • Haunter now has Shadow Ball.
  • Mud Bomb range changed to Cross2Ahead.
  • Fake Out accuracy has been decreased slightly.
  • Neo Greenleaf and Neo Floating Rock Level 2 have been added in replacement of their originals.Please report any bugs regarding them, especially Neo Greenleaf in the main story.

Below is the changelog for Pokemon Conquest Twin Dragons v1.6.0+1.6.1 compared to version 1.5.0:

  • Large difficulty increase in all Postgame stories
  • Set Oichi to ArmyLeader instead of ArmyMember in Recruit40Warriors story, where she is an army leader
  • Mud Bomb accuracy buff.
  • Ice Ball can now hit 2-5 times.
  • Hypnosis accuracy has been nerfed.
  • Modified Tadakatsu’s link% with Metagross evolutionary line in efforts to stop Perfect Link dialogue bug.
  • Electroweb nerfs in chance to paralyze, power, and accuracy.
  • Nerfs to Ghastly Gambit in power and accuracy.
  • The positions that the Pokemon start in on the Dragnor map have been adjusted to be closer than before.
  • Greenleaf is now 20 Turns. (increase)
  • Dragnor is now 20 Turns. (increase)
  • Avia is now 20 Turns. (decrease)
  • Pugilis is now 25 Turns. (decrease)
  • Team for Greenleaf in The Legend of Ransei has been slightly altered. (Servine, Pansage, Grovyle, Cottonee -> Servine, Pansage, Trrecko, Whimsicott)


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NOTE: Follow the two guide videos found in the Google drive file to learn how to download the patch, use the patch on the Conquest ROM, and play this hack!


There is a list of people I would like to dearly thank for making this possible. I would like to thank Deijin and co. (WhatAUsernameIHave, Baconfry, Snap, etc) for their discoveries of Pokemon Conquest, and with their knowledge, helped foster the tool RanseiLink that helped create this ROM Hack. Link to RanseiLink tool, as it is needed to patch a Pokemon Conquest ROM (which I will NOT provide) with the .rlmod patch file that is in the Google Drive, which will be listed below- https://github.com/Deijin27/RanseiLink

WARNING. Neo Illusio is finicky in main story and may cause problems. If an issue occurs on the first time going into battle on one of these maps, like an enemy Pokemon being unhittable, running away from the battle/losing and trying again should fix it, unless you use that to cheese it and win anyways, your choice, but case in point, be aware these aren’t perfect.