Pokémon Omega Ruby (GBA) Download v2.4

Pokémon Omega Ruby GBA Rom Download

Pokémon Omega Ruby is a GBA Rom Hack Remake of the original Pokemon Ruby version by Lucasfera15. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on Aug 6, 2022.

Download Pokémon Omega Ruby GBA Rom Hack

Remake ofPokemon Ruby
UpdatedAug 6, 2022

The reason for the status of Pokemon – Omega Ruby ROM game is its insanely difficult gameplay. However, you will not face any challenges if you are a strong trainer.

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Start your Pokemon Omega Ruby ROM GBA game with starter Pokemon from the Kalos region: Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie. There are also all the starter Pokemon from generations 1 to 6 and a few more legendary Pokemon than the original version.

In this version, the Elite Four characters have been completely changed, all Mega and Original Pokemon are included, and occasionally you will encounter unusual Pokemon. Don’t be surprised if you encounter Desert Snivy, Glalie, and Cryogonal.

What hasn’t changed is the plot. You still have to stop the actions of Team Aqua and Magma. These are two crime syndicates who want to use Pokemon to change the climate in Hoenn. Pokemon – Omega Ruby ROM is now available for free download.


  • All movesets updated according to gen 8 (of course, the ones -that are available in the rom).
  • New Pokemon Sprites.
  • New Pokemon Icons.
  • New Trainer Sprites.
  • New Battle Backgrounds.
  • New Backsprites of the Protagonists.
  • Mega Evolution (Permanent).
  • Fairy Type.
  • Exp. Share XY On/Off.
  • BW2 Repel System.
  • BW Poison System.
  • Physical/Special Split (No Icons Yet).
  • Updated Graphics.
  • Remade Maps.
  • New Battle Hud.
  • New Particles.
  • New Move Animations.
  • Run Indoors.
  • Trainers with Maximum Evs.
  • Trainers with Improved Movesets.
  • Changes in History.
  • Various Poketubers are in the Rom, Battle and Deliver Pokemons.
  • Different Post-Game.
  • Pokemon from Gen 1 to 8.
  • Updated Skills (Example: Thunder Wave Now Activates Volt Absorb).
  • High Difficulty.
  • Battle Mode Locked in SET.
  • Healing Items do not work in Battle.
  • New Moves Up to Gen 7 (Not All).
  • New Summary and Selection Screen.



  • Lucasfera15