Pokemon Quetzal Cheats (Emerald Multiplayer)

pokemon quetzal cheats

Pokemon Quetzal is a remake of Pokemon Emerald with multiplayer features. The game has the same story as the original and does not have any major differences compared to Pokemon Emerald. Players can use cheats to progress in Pokemon Quetzal. To do this, however, players must activate cheat mode.

We have explained below how players can use cheats in the game. Additionally, we have also discussed some of the cheats available in the game and their function.

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How To Unlock Cheats In Pokemon Quetzal?

Unlocking cheats in Pokemon Quetzal is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to enable cheats within the game:

How To Unlock Cheats In Pokemon Quetzal
  1. Launch Pokemon Quetzal on your gaming device.
  2. Access the game’s main menu or pause the gameplay.
  3. Look for the “Options” or “Settings” menu and select it.
  4. Within the options menu, search for a subsection labeled “Cheats” or “Cheat Codes.”
  5. Enter the cheat code or combination of codes you wish to activate. You may find cheat codes online or in game-related forums.
  6. Once you have entered the cheat code(s), save your changes and exit the options menu.
  7. Resume playing Pokemon Quetzal, and the cheats you activated should now be in effect.

What Cheats Are Currently Available For Use?

The Cheats option in Pokemon Quetzal has four categories. Utilities, Flags, Variables, and Give X are examples of this. Let’s take a quick look at each of these categories.


What Cheats Are Currently Available For Use?

There are four cheats in the “Utilities” section. This includes the “Heal Party” option, which allows players to heal their Pokemon from anywhere. It also allows players to fly or teleport around the map.

flags and variables

With these two options, players can get a variety of Gym badges, flags, and confrontations. Additionally, these options allow players to change a number of settings.

Give X

Give X

These are the main cheats in the game. Players can obtain any item in the game using the Give Item XXXX option. Alternatively, the player can use the Fill Bag option to obtain all of the in-game items. The Pkm (lvl) option grants the player access to any Pokemon of any level. The Pkm (l,s,n,a,IV,mov) option allows players to further customize their Pokemon choices. Players can choose whether the Pokemon is Shiny or not, and also its type.

Of course, the Max Money cheat will give players unlimited in-game money. The Fill PC and Eggs options will fill the player’s PC with Pokemon or Eggs depending on the cheat selected.

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