Pokemon RBGenesis Download (Complete)

Pokemon RBGenesis

Re-experience Kanto in an all new light! Pokemon RBGenesis aims to recreate the feeling of playing Pokémon Red and Blue on your Gameboy for the first time. Using the colorful art style of the Gen 2 GSC games; Pokémon from gens 1-8, And all new events and characters, Kanto will feel nostalgic and fresh at the same time! RBG ups the expected difficulty of the Kanto region to bring a new challenge to returning players. Search the region for new wild Pokémon encounters based on the Day/Night cycle, or for the various Mega Stones and battle items scattered across the region! Discover all new areas, such as the River Valley, Deep Forest, or Mt. Moon Summit! Become the Champion of the Kanto region in a brand new way, and explore all new mysteries!

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  • Gen 2 Sprites using Pokémon GSC Essentials in RPG Maker XP
  • Pokémon from Gens 1-8
  • Speed up modes that can be toggled with the Alt button
  • New playable female character (Based on Hilda from Black & White)
  • Additional female rival (Based on Green from the Pokémon Adventures manga)
  • Updated Gen 8 mechanics and items
  • Reusable TMs
  • New move counter in PokéCenters [TM shop, Move Relearner, Move Deleter]
  • Updated maps to a more natural style
  • Mega Evolutions, Shadow Pokémon, and Double Battles
  • Modern PC boxes
  • New events, NPCs, and Locations
  • Updated and expanded Safari Zone and new Bug Catching contest
  • Optional Nuzlocke friendly Key Item “Candy Bag” in Pallet Town
  • Increased difficulty and level caps for major battles
  • Stat buffs, ability changes, type changes to a small handful of Pokémon
  • Optional Gameboy Color window frames!

Pokemon RBGenesis Changelog

v1.3 Changelog

  • Fixed a soft lock from occurring if you lose the Giovanni fight in Silph Co.
  • Changed the script on the S.S. Anne to handle the Island event more consistently
  • Fixed the mint shop so the Modest Mint option gives the correct mint
  • Added the Snag Machine in the Rocket Hideout in Celadon City
  • Added the ability to purify shadow Pokémon in the Mt. Ember Spa once they open their heart
  • Added a sprite for Mega Camerupt

v1.2 Changes

  • Fixed the sign in Lazy Dayz Farm that had no text
  • Fixed the Dialogue on the S.S. Anne using the Rival’s name instead of the Thief’s
  • Fixed a ledge on Route 10 that let you jump out of bounds and get stuck
  • fixed the trainer in Vermilion Gym that could soft lock you if spoken to on the wrong side
  • Added a sprite for Mega Pinsir – [More on the way soon]

v1.1 Changes

  • Added Bottle caps and Gold Bottle caps around Kanto. 3 Bottle caps are awarded at the move counter after each Gym.
  • Hyper Trainer NPC in Cerulean City will exchange Bottle Caps to max out Pokémon IV stats.
  • Added new NPC in Lazy Dayz Farm north of Pewter City that sells Nature changing Mints.
  • Added in Gym Leader rematches after defeating the E4.
  • Added new Champion battle after completing all Gym rematches.
  • Fixed an issue with some moves getting an error message when loading the animation.



NOTE: If you receive errors for battle animations, try updating your graphics driver. If they persist, try turning off battle animations temporarily in the options