Pokemon Legacy Download (Version Completed)

Pokemon Legacy

Pokemon Legacy This Fangame was developped by Charismasher using Pokémon essentials v18.1 and rpgmaker xp.

Download Pokémon Legacy RPGmaker Fan Game

Version Played: Pokemon Essentials V18.1
Creator: Charismasher
Status: Completed
Version: 1.0.1
Update: Apr 3, 2023

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25 years after the beginning of Red’s journey, a 15 years old child from a region far from kanto begins his journey as a trainer. In the meantime, team rocket returned
from its ashes and decided to cause trouble in that region called Talas region; A new region with new species of pokémon, new people and new gyms. However, our hero isn’t just a kid, he is the son of the old kanto champion Red!! Will he be able to stop team rocket like his father did? Or will he become the pokémon champion? You will see that in Pokémon Legacy!



  • New pokédex with fakemons and other pokémons(gen1 to gen5+sylveon)
  • Moves/Abilities/TM&HM/Forms/Items/Types up to gen 7
  • New items
  • New custom animations moves up to gen 7(credits at the end)
  • New region and new map
  • Pokédex/Summary/Bag BW styled(credits at the end)
  • Optional EXP share
  • Parralel quests
  • Mega evolution
  • Mid battle dialogue

Changelog 1.0.1

  • Fixed some bugs and collision issues
  • Fixed endgame event
  • Fixed writing bug
  • Added Throh and Sawk as wild pokémon

Pokemon Legacy Download


  • Pokemon Legacy Fan game by Charismasher (only 1 person in development)