Pokemon Brick Bronze Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Brick Bronze

Pokemon Brick Bronze is a Pokemon Fan Game by Seedonator made using RPG Maker XP in english. And it is now available to download. It was last updated on May 8th, 2018.

Download Pokemon Brick Bronze Remake Fan Game

Hack Name:Pokemon Brick Bronze Remake
System:RPG Maker XP
Initial Release:2021

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Pokmon Brick Bronze was basically a Pokmon replica on ROBLOX which Nintendo/The Pokmon Company took down due to Copyright stuff and illegal profitting. Anyway I was bored one day during my school holidays so I just decided to remake the game.
So after loads of developing and learning how to use Pokmon Essentials, I’ve finally remade the game up to the 1st gym. This took me a lot of time and I’ve tried to recreate every aspect of the game inside Pokmon Essentials.


  • All Pokmon from Gen 1-7
  • ORAS and SM Sprites
  • Currently 1 Gym
  • Some custom items like Sawsbuck Coffee

Upcoming Features

  • More gyms
  • Mega Evolution
  • Cool Cutscenes
  • More Story
  • UMV Diving (D/P/P Mining)
  • Global Trade Station*
  • EVs and IVs view page*
  • Player versus player (very buggy)*




  • Everyone who worked on the original Pokmon Brick Bronze
  • Zeak6464
  • TapuFini
  • SpartaLazor
  • leparagon
  • Bulbapedia
  • Serebii
  • BlackOutG5
  • Rune
  • Rigbycwts
  • Rot8er_ConeX
  • James Davy
  • Luka S.J.
  • Marin