Pokemon Containment Download (Latest Version)

Pokemon Containment

Pokemon Containment is a Fan-game by Lichen with many new features and functions, such as attributes for our character. And it’s now available for download. It was last updated in Tuesday, September 17, 2023.

Download Pokemon Containment Fan-Game

Creator: Lichen
made in: RPG Maker
Version: Pokemon Containment v1.04 (Completed)
Updated: 9/07/23


Here at the Scientific Center for Anomalous Lifeform Defense (or SCALD, for short), we strive to presrve normalcy by containing and studying anomalous Pokémon.
In Pokémon Containment, you can play as one of these three aspiring SCALD researchers (Aoichi, Anji, & Miaya) who’ve just been hired and wish to make a name for themselves. See if they succeed!

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Strong opponents are waiting for you

The battles in Pokémon Containment are heavily inspired by the Boss Rush games and raid battles in the Pokémon series. Any anomalous Pokémon you encounter will be very, very tough as they are level 100 with increased HP values, but your safety is ensured by strength in numbers – for each mission you are allowed to borrow any 2 Pokémon from a large selection bring with you, intended only for researchers like you! Not only that, SCALD has its own free supply of TMs and a Move Relearner on duty. Use this to your advantage! You can develop unique strategies, challenge yourself by choosing less viable Pokémon, or simply play with some of your favorites! Essentially, no two players will be on the same team.

Other details

This game was made with Pokémon Essentials v18, with a nice plugin called Pokémon Essentials GBC by Xaveriux.
Special thanks to Zygoat and Nue for assistance with the dialogues.




Lead Developer
Marcie M. (Lichenprincess)


Latin Dialogue Translation

Special Thanks