Pokemon Myth Download (New Version v5.9)

Pokemon Myth v5.9

Pokemon Myth is an RPGXP Fan game made using Pokemon Essentials and RPG Maker XP by falcary. And it is now available to download. the latest update was on September 17, 2023.

Download Pokemon Myth RPGXP Fan game

  • Creator: Falcary
  • Version: v 5.9
  • Updated: September 17, 2023
  • Progress: Up to the 7th gym

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“A trainer who truly tries their hardest, will always succeed in the end, despite the amount of evil they face…”

The Pokemon Myth revolves around proving oneself by overcoming challenges and earning the trust of fellow trainers. As a 15-year-old from Courmine Village, the player must strive to become the new Pokemon Champion and demonstrate their worth to everyone. Along the journey, the player encounters many powerful trainers who recognize their potential and seek their aid against Team Corrupt. This nefarious organization, led by an anonymous figure, seeks to harness the power of the two Mythan Region gods, Arceus and Mew. The player must navigate treacherous locations like the Mythic Forest and Lost Temple to ultimately defeat Team Corrupt, conquer all eight gyms, and become the Pokemon League Champion, proving that they have what it takes to succeed.


  • New megas
  • New forms
  • Loads of Fakemon
  • Star-Face shiny variants
  • Player-controlled gyms (Our community gets gyms based on them!)
  • 2 Regions with massive exploration (Plus Sinnoh and Unova)
  • Custom mechanics
  • New moves
  • New items
  • New types
  • New Eeveelutions and Megas!
  • And more!

Pokemon Myth v5.9 Patch Notes!

THIS UPDATE IS MASSIVE Because of the size of this update, we’ve decided to split up everything into three sections.

Bug Fixes List

  1. – Fixed collision with PC in Bri’s Lab
  2. – Fixed invalid Fly Spot in Sunside Village
  3. – Removed random flower tile at the bottom of Courmine Village
  4. – Removed Dev Tile in Maycrop Town that started a battle with Marcus
  5. – Fixed Glasses Side Quest in Sunside Village (You can complete it now!)
  6. – Fixed Spelling mistake in Cynthia’s dialogue in Repole Town
  7. – Fixed collision with ruin walls on Route 5
  8. – Gave new stat spread to Mega Pidgeot
  9. – Fixed using Cut causing you to get pushed inside of water on Route 9
  10. – Fixed Hope still battling with you if you lose to Team Astra on Route 2
  11. – Fixed Ivy not being in the correct spot after Leore event in Infusion Labs A1
  12. – Fixed collision with Eclipse Museum desk by Faucel
  13. – Fixed Shiny Garchomps backsprite
  14. – Fixed Raccolossus not being able to learn Outrage via TM
  15. – Fixed collision with cup in the Diamond Inn. lobby on the table
  16. – Fixed collision with fences in Repole Town
  17. – Fixed missing walls in Mythan Ruins
  18. – Fixed Vanilluxe having Quick Attack while fighting N after gym 7
  19. – Fixed Mari not being aligned with the player before entering Justice Grotto
  20. – Fixed Acica wanting to rematch during main storyline after beating him
  21. – Fixed Justice Grotto having no theme
  22. – Fixed collision with everything in Justice Grotto
  23. – Fixed Brock saying “Fairloom Town” instead of “Fairloom City”
  24. – Fixed Faucel dialogue having many spelling and grammar mistakes
  25. – Fixed collision with tree on Route 3
  26. – Fixed Shiny Ampharos Following Sprite
  27. – Fixed Shiny Snick Back Sprite
  28. – Fixed Colress event not ending after completing it
  29. – Fixed still having partner trainer after losing the 2v2 rival fight in Repole Town
  30. – Fixed water not being surfable in Valor Cave
  31. – Removed Mystery Gift NPC in Avialodge Town Pokecenter
  32. – Removed faulty ledge on Route 11
  33. – Fixed collision with fusebox in Corrupt Lab
  34. – Removed ability “Greed” from the game, it sucked and was broken
  35. – Fixed collision with Pokemon League building
  36. – Fixed collision with Exit door in Mythan Catacombs
  37. – Fixed player not being on the map in Fairloom City

New Additions List

  1. – Changed Static Galarian Darumaka to Cryogonal
  2. – You can evolve Poliwhirl to Politoed by using a King’s Rock
  3. – Kadabra now evolves into Alakazam at level 40
  4. – Machoke now evolves into Machamp at level 40
  5. – Graveler now evolves into Golem after learning Earthquake
  6. – You can evolve Slowpoke to Slowking by using a King’s Rock
  7. – Haunter now evolves into Gengar after learning Shadow Sneak
  8. – You can evolve Onix to Steelix by using a Metal Coat
  9. – Feebas now evolves into Milotic via Water Stone
  10. – Phantump now evolves into Trevenant via Leaf Stone
  11. – Added Wurmple to Route 1 (For easier dex completion/obtaining both Dustox and Beautifly)
  12. – Moved the Mining Gear to the Key Items pocket
  13. – Added Shiny Stone’s to the Fairloom Pokemart
  14. – Added a “None, sorry!” option to the Honey Shop
  15. – You can now fly to the East Grotto (Yay! No more walking through the Catacombs 20,000 times!)
  16. – Added all EV boosting wings, EV reducing berries, and power items to the daycare shop
  17. – You can now battle Brendan in Diamond Inn. after beating the main storyline, he will reward you with the Blue Orb and Red Orb if you defeat him
  18. – You can now obtain a Meloetta Egg from Ivy in Infusion Inc. HQ after finishing the main storyline
  19. – Changed Idol Forme Meloetta’s shiny


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