Pokemon Infinity V2.3.6 Download (Updated)

Pokemon Infinity

Pokemon Infinity This Fangame was developped by Atomic Reactor using RPGmaker xp.

Keep in mind that this game can run independently if you play it on desktop computers. You can also play it on mobile devices using the Joi Play app for Android systems.

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Creator: Atomic Reactor
Status: Completed
Version: 2.3.6
Update: May, 2, 2020


Welcome to the Egho region (Ee – go) You wake up in the middle of a forest and you no longer know who you are.

Egho region

With the help of a local professor and his assistant, you embark on an adventure on a mysterious island in hopes of regaining your memory. in Pokemon Infinity Funny times and difficult challenges are waiting for you!

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  • 1st through 6th Gen Pokémon and mechanics
  • 100+ Fakemon, including regional forms, new evolutions, and original designs
  • Online Battling and Trading
  • Dynamic weather system that changes with the day and time
  • Unreal Time System which means the world runs on its own time
  • Extensive Post-Game content to keep you busy
  • Level cap has been raised to 150
  • Trade Evolution Pokémon are available via other methods
  • Over 650+ battle animations
  • Randomizer mode (must activate at rivals PC before leaving first town)
  • Speed Up using Ctrl
  • Quick Save using F8


Change Log

Pokemon Infinity  v2.3.6 – November 5th 2022

  • minor bug/typo fixes (berry consumption, explosion, hazards/magic bounce, and roost bugs fixed)
  • New location added to the west (left) of northern hayfield path
  • gifted PorygonX level raised from 40 to 75 to make it plausible for the final battle
  • Egho Hoothoot static encounters added to Moon Stone Path and Ridgestone Cemetery (at night)
  • 30 new player passwords to share added (along with more mystery gift access)
  • Kokiseed’s line shiny changed
  • Sky Drop TM replaced with Dark Pulse and added to Stone Grove Lake
  • Added Knock Off tutor to Hazeport bar
  • Added static Unown encounters to the temples in post game to make hunting them easier
  • male protagonist walking/running sprites tweaked to have a bit of hair movement
  • Irenes first encounter team tweaked (replaced Sorcerice with Mamoswine)

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some data updated

  • Wereyena and Gigantusk base stats tweaked
  • TM/Tutor compatibility updated
  • Dark Void accuracy lowered to 50
  • Removed Foul Play access for Eeveeon, and UTurn from E.Oddish

Pokemon Infinity  v2.3.5 – September 16th 2022

  • bug fixes (choiced baton pass, knock off power)
  • can check EV/IV’s at the EV Hologram Trainer now
  • Metronome added to traveling merchant in Diamondpeak
  • pokemon data updated ( -Whave and Orcabyss lost access to Encore
  • Galvantula gained access to Stickyweb
  • Ludicolo now has access to Autotomize
  • Marcus is more challenging when fought down in the sewers
  • Rotom now learns Defog
  • Reaptide gets Workup and no longer Swordsdance
  • Kokismash new BaseStats=80,130,85,85,65,80 and he has access to Bulletpunch now
  • Shuckle gained access to Stickyweb
  • Flareon gained access to Flareblitz
  • Victini has Vcreate as its lvl 1 move
  • Vaporeon gained access to Flashflood
  • Skullgreymon lost access to Suckerpunch
  • Rapidspin was given to Shellmon
  • Viledoom and Gloom2 saw a tiny buff in their Defense at the cost of speed
  • New set for seadramon
  • Type1=WATER
  • Type2=DRAGON
  • BaseStats=100,110,110,95,90,80
  • Abilities=MOLDBREAKER
  • HiddenAbility=UNAWARE
  • -Betamon also has Moldbreaker as its primary ability
  • New ability for Sphynxeon, Synchronize instead of Sand Force
  • New Reaptide BaseStats=28,130,57,118,90,57
  • New Fearalynx set
  • BaseStats=75,98,73,126,88,75
  • HiddenAbility=PIXILATE
  • -New tangrowth2 BaseStats=114,55,107,92,90,77)

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